Sara must stave off a nasty bit of hypothermia before she does anything else

Sara felt like she were frozen and her head spun from the nasty bump. I'm a Sara-sicle, she thought as she laughed manically and then quickly launched in to a lung bursting cough. Sara then realized she was a lot worse than she imagined. She felt her body shaking and she knew she was about to succumb to hypothermia. The quickly onset nausea was probably a sign of a concussion. 

"I can't go any further!" She yelled. "I won't make it!" Then, with the last of her strength she looped the ladder over her wrist several times just in case she passed out. The thought of plummeting to her death was not appealing to Sara. 

"UNDERSTANDABLE." The voice shouted. "HOLD ON TIGHT AND WE WILL HOIST YOU UP. WATCH YOUR HEAD!" There was a less audible shout and Sara slowly started rising to the top of the ship.

"You could have warned me sooner." Sara mumbled under her breath.

She wasn't sure she was going to stay conscious for much longer. Her head spun and she felt very faint. Focus, Sara, she thought fiercely, your life depends on it. Sara closed her eyes and began focusing on her lost memories for help. Her address and phone number was still just out of reach, but thinking hard about her mother made an image start to form in her mind. Her mom had wavy dark brown hair just like Sara's. She was short though, not like her. Sara was beginning to remember her mom's face when a pair of large, rough hands grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up into a pair of even larger, muscled arms.

Sara weakly opened her eyes and looked into another set of eyes, One blue, one green, before she lost the last of her consciousness to hypothermia.

The sleep she entered was deep but with restless dreams. She dreamed of the mermaid splashing and laughing with Sara only to be snared by nets and mounted as a prize catch. She dreamed of her mother walking away and never looking back while Sara drowned in the ocean. But most of all, she dreamed of the man with the different color eyes. He was a calming presence in her dreams even though she could never make out the rest of his face. It was only his eyes that were clear to her. He came and held her while she mourned for her mer-friend. He often saved her from drowning when Sara's mother failed to. In his own dream, he danced with her the way she had always secretly wanted. They waltzed with out talking.

Another voice slowly over took the dreams and Sara began to come to.

The End

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