The portal dumps her on a boat

Sara was not dying, she was falling. She could tell by the way her heart and stomach leapt when the ground vanished from beneath her feet. Oh, she thought, what a way to go. Kersplat. Right on the ground. I'll be everywhere. What a mess.

But Sara did not go kersplat on the ground. Sara actually made a rather large SPLASH as she hit the cold water that shocked her body into semi-unconsciousness. She sank deep, deep down in the salty water before something brushing up against her startled her awake.

Sara screamed in terror, releasing what was left of her breath, and thrashed for the surface. Air, was Sara's only thought. Suddenly she felt human arms come from underneath her and drag her towards the surface toward what looked like a tiny, one person boat floating in the light of the big, white moon. In almost no time, Sara was coughing up water in the bottom of the very same boat and shivering in the cold of the night.

"Well", said a haughty female voice, "I hope you're happy. You ruined my date. You frightened him so badly, he's likely to never call upon me again!" Sara sat up and turned her head towards the source of the voice. There, arms folded on the edge of the tiny boat with the rest of her body dangling in the water, was a young woman a little older than Sara herself. She had shoulder length blonde curly hair slightly damp and the most unique lilac colored eyes Sara had ever seen.

"Honestly", Sara quipped, recovering quickly,"Do you really want a boyfriend who is afraid of a dying nineteen year old girl?"

"True, true. But I'm nearing my twenty first year and still no betrothal requests. I'm practically an old maid! Father and Mother are very anxious." Sara was about to make some sassy remark about twenty one hardly being old when the end of shiny, scale covered tail flicked out of the water just behind the blonde young woman.

Sara inhaled sharply causing a bit of leftover water to dislodge in her throat. "You're..... a .... mer... maid!!" She gasped in between coughing up the stinging water in her lungs.

"Yes" said the saucy mermaid with a grin. "What else would I....." Suddenly her eyes grew wide and she sunk down behind the boat."Oh no, you have to come with me! Hurry, jump in the water!"

Sara turned behind her and saw a huge ship appearing behind a shroud of mist. Humans, she thought as she heard the jolly, loud voices, they can help.

The End

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