No, she lands in a desert

As soon as that thought arose, a falling feeling spread in her stomach, the light around her was whipped up and away like a curtain to reveal simple whiteness, not like the warm, welcoming light she had just experienced, just a plain whiteness. Sara felt a vicious air blowing all around her as if filling in a vacuum until it was merely a warm breeze which gently blew at her face and hair. Sara stared at her new surrounding, anger and confusion welled up inside her, "Am I dead?" she demanded, there was no response. She grew more frustrated and scanned the whiteness again, gaining no new information, she looked down to see more white, only, it seemed to have a texture of some sort. She raised an eyebrow and crouched down, she placed one finger into it, it was warm and grainy, it was sand. The breeze blew at her again sprinkling dust into her hair, she looked up and noticed faint shapes in the whiteness and watched in amazement as the white fog faded away to reveal a cloudless, blue sky, and endless sand dunes stretching out to every part of the horizon.

Sara was astonished at this world around her, she rubbed her eyes. Why a desert?! She grabbed a handful of sand and felt it, it was real, more than real, she let the sand sift through her fingers and looked around hopelessly, she had only just noticed the stifling heat and already her lips her dry. "H-hello?" she tried, hopelessly.

The End

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