White-Silver Doorway

Sara decided to enter through the right door not knowing what awaited her on the other side, what made her make this decision was the white silvery wing for some weird reason seem to bring her hope.

As she slowly opened the door a soft warming feeling seemed to come through her. She had halfway opened the door and see saw that set of wings became clearer; “Welcome Sara” said a soft feminine voice.  

An Angel, she had a warm welcoming smile on her face she seemed to bring a calming environment to everyone around her. She was beautiful, her blond hair seemed like golden thread, and her blue eyes were like the sky.

“Sara, do you want to take a seat?” she asks, I don’t see were to sit on as the angel waved her arm there was  a round table and two seats.  I sit on one, she sits on the one across from me “Sara, I will give you a choice but before I give you a choice you must select the choice wisely, because this won’t happen again.”

Choices and to chose wisely, what does she mean?

“You died too young Sara, and it seems that you still have some work to do. Down on earth, but we cannot give you, your old body back I apologize” she actually sounded sincere when she said that. “I will give you three choices 1. - Rebirth 2. - Being Roxanna” “Wait,” I said without even thinking “Roxanna, Roxy the famous model and Actress?” I ask, she said in a sad smile “yes, she has had made too much sins on earth and we have to pick someone to be her replacement or the figure known as Roxy will disappear.”  “What’s the third choice” remembering what she had told me earlier about being wise in choosing.

She nodded and said “The third choice is being a 16 year old in a rich, dysfunctional family, in all of these you will face problems there isn’t an easy life in any of these.”

My choices 1.- Being a baby and growing up again

                       2.- Being a Super Model and Singer Roxanna who is about 25 known  to  be

                              using drugs and have a lot of affair with everyone in showbiz.

                       3.- Being a rich 16 year old with problems with a dysfunctional family.

I don’t know which one to be.

The End

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