Yellow-Orange Doorway

She went left, hoping the shadowy silhouette might explain to Sara her rather odd predicament.  Her body was bathed in the warm orange light as she approached; it enveloped her like a corporeal mist that oozed over her skin and clothing.  It just felt so familiar to her, but when Sara was merely an arm's length away from the portal, she hesitated and pulled back.

Was this safe?

She looked behind her for clues but there was only that all-encompassing darkness that felt empty and barren to her.  There was nothing there.

But the light!  That was truly something.  It was so calming and welcoming; how could she doubt it?  She HAD to go through.

The intensity of the light increased to the point of making Sara squint, and she put up her hands to shield her eyes.  She could no longer see the figure just beyond.  Was he still there?

"Hello?" she called out, hoping for some kind of response or guidance in some way, "are you here to help me?"

The portal was silent, but the pulsations continued.  Beckoning to her, drawing her in.  If there was ever any doubt in her mind it quickly dissipated as waves of warmth cascaded over and around her body, swirling, soothing as it went.

Sara took that last step and entered the portal.  Just as she did, she remembered a book she had read in Freshman Psychology class about a man who had flatlined after getting into a car accident.  His story recounted the feeling of calm as his soul was drawn toward a beacon of light filled with deceased family members who waved at him right before the paramedics brought him back.

Sara cringed and thought, Am I dying?

The End

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