Sara Parks, a nineteen year old girl, wakes up in the dark to three very different doors.

Sara awoke to the dark. She could sense the endlessness of her surroundings and knew she wasn't in a room. The blackness didn't scare her, surprisingly. She felt more at peace at clear minded than ever, She stood, stretched, and called out .

"Hello? Heeeelllllo?" Her voice was immediately muffled. A sigh escaped and she pushed her long hair out of face. "How did I get here?"

Suddenly, she was illuminated from behind. She turned and began to walk towards the source. As she drew closer, the light broke into three separate rounded doorway shaped beams.

The one on the left has a yellow-orange glow. There was a vague figure of a person beckoning for her.

The middle one has a blue-purple glow. There was a turquoise flame burning brightly.

The one on the right has a white-silver glow. There was a set of wings flapping slowly.

Which did she choose? 



The End

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