Almost Simple

"I need a hero! To save my life...." her alarm went off. Skillet's Hero, rang in her ears. She loved this song, but that didn't matter right now.  The cold wooden floor woke her up, slightly.

"Another day," she sighed. Why was it a Friday? Why couldn't she have something to do tomorrow? She shook her head. "Whatever. Let's just get today over with."

She barely made the bus again. "Hey, you're late. What's up?" Shane asked sitting in the seat next to her.



School stunk, as usual. She packed up her books. She was skipping the last period. "Where you going?" asked a familiar voice. Caught.

"Leaving, Shane. Don't even attempt to stop me, I'm out of this place."

"Mind if I join you?"

"What?" she asked confused.

"You didn't think I wanted to hang out here, did you?"

She smiled, "Well, hurry up. We don't got all day."

"Nope, just the remaining part."


Janet ran into her house to drop off all of her junk. She opened the door and froze. Her father was watching tv and eating something other than microwave mac and cheese. The house was somewhat clean. "Oh, Janet, you're home."

"Yeah, and you're not passed out."

"Whose that?" he asked straining his neck to try and see out thee door.

"No one," She stepped into his line of vision.

He raised an eyebrow. "It's a boy. You're no going out tonight."

"I don't think you are in the position to lay down the law, right now. I'm going to go hang out with my friends, goodbye."

"No you're not. I'll go out there and tell him to go away."

She was about to scream at him, but she was caught off guard. Everything was backwards. What was going on? Instead she walked out side to Shane. "My dad is having a mental breakdown. I think he's confused about his identity."

"Have you told him that superman  doesn't live in-" His cell cut him off. He checked the screen, it was obviously a text. "Dang it, Hayley," he mumbled. "I got to go anyways, sorry. I'll probably talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, bye," she said a little confused. He ran off toward his house. "Whose Hayley?" She turned around and squealed. Her father only about a foot away from her, ams crossed. "What is wrong with you?"

"Who is that?"

"Who? Shane?"

"He looks to old for you."

"What? We are in the same grade? Wait! Why am I explaining this to you?" She pushed past him and ran into her room. As she sat on the bed, she noticed something fall out of a box in her closet. She went to investigate. It was a small journal. "What the heck?" her eyes widened as she opened it.

The End

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