She quickly took in air, removing herself from his chilled form, desperately clutching at her temple, appraising the damage. Taka laughed, rolling onto his back like a small child, relishing the moment.

      “You actually pulled the bloody trigger?!” She couldn’t help raising her voice.

      Taka took a moment to recover, but looked up at her through his light curls, “You knew, as well as I, bullets from a simple pistol wouldn’t scar you,”  He smiled, brilliantly, surprising her with his broad, almost childish glow, radiating from his smile. “Dearest Kimen.” He added quietly, awaiting a reaction.

      She looked down on him with a quick glare, still touching her head. “I despise such a title,” She growled, knowing full well of his knowledge on the topic.

     “Well you’ll always be my Shoujo? How about that, Shoujo? Will you stop? A wound isn’t going to appear later on, it’s done, over.” She finally dropped her hand, folding it inside the other. “I know! Akume! A name to express a long time obsession,” Taka sat upright to meet her eyes.

      “Akume,” She muttered.

     Wild, unmanageable, horse.

     She smiled.

     “Ha, the perfect name to start your new life!” He smiled proudly, still with a hint of childish glow.

       A never ending one…

     “Please,” He muttered, taking up her hands in his. The grip was gentle. “Don’t think so poorly on this life style, it’s not so bad.” He forced a half smile. “We can live, fairly normal lives.”

     “And the markings? You have them too, right?”

      He could see her concern and smiled, “They fade after a bit, then they just start looking like tattoos, plus you can cover them up. It’s really not that big of a deal,”

        Small tears began forming in Akume’s gentle brown eyes.

     “Please,” He muttered again, slowly leaning into her and hesitating only a moment before kissing her cheek, lifting away a tear with his lips, “It’s not so bad.”

     A smile.               

The End

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