In the Begining

The devil basicly finds ways to lure kids in need of something, to better their lives, and finds ways to control the rest of their existance... i donno.

      She'd held back the tears for ages, but found herself too weak to carry on without staining her pale cheeks. The canopy, the mass of tree tops waving so far above her, mocking her small, insignificant existence, seemed to start leaning over, closing in over her, shutting out the light, blocking out any chances for escape. In became too much, the giant weight on her shoulders, and she collapsed to her knees, staining the delicate fabric protecting her skin. Her hands shook, violently, resisting the very act she wished to achieve, refusing to simply remove the gun from the folds of her dress. The simple, elegant pistol that might change everything, end it all.

      Pressing the cool metal to her temple her body shuttered, trying to rid itself of the tempting thoughts, the easy escape. Swallowing hard she dropped the weapon, breaking into sobs, fearing the growing doubts building up in her mind’s creases. A tormenting cackle echoed to her from an unseen being, hidden away from her teary eyes.

     “Are we having second thoughts?” The voice wondered, allowed, “We aren’t questioning our original intents… Are we?”

     “Taka,” She muttered, willing the almost unstoppable flood of tears to come to an end.

     He laughed again, appearing beside her before she had the time to comprehend his actual presence, “I never thought you’d remember me, of all things you could have chosen from that time,”

     Taka wound his arms around the girl, his body coming to rest behind her figure, his hands wondering to the gun impatiently discarded in her lap. “And why me, instead of the valuable information I’d originally left you with?”

     She wasn’t at all surprised when the gun was returned to her head.

     “And what is to stop me from pulling this magnificent trigger?” He asked, his breath wafting over her ear, Taka’s words dancing on the air. “To end yours before it even begins?”

     She began to relax, resting her body against his some-how thin, yet masculine frame, “The same reason that lovely trigger wasn’t pulled for you; it’s far too late.”

     Taka’s arm, pinning the weapon to her beautiful head, began to sag, putting space between her and the harsh metal. “Is it really?” He whispered, dropping his head, strands of blonde hair covering fierce eyes of green.

     He squeezed the trigger.    

The End

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