Cable Car IncidentMature

It was a bright sunny day in San Francisco. The cable cars trundled along, their bright red paint gleaming.

Mr. Wong was heading to work aboard one such cable car. He lived in Chinatown, the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. Mr. Wong was proud of his heritage and looked down upon his fellow Americans in disgust - the young Chinatown citizens who practiced Western culture doings and did not pay respect to their elders, and the white Americans who poked fun at the Chinese.

Mr. Wong wouldn't have a need to worry about these dilemmas any longer. A clawed hand reached up from the ground, fastening itself to the front of the cable car. It had burst straight through the concrete as though it were made of cardboard.

The passengers screamed as they were thrown forward, sparks flying from the track as the car ground to a halt. A little girl began to cry, clinging to her mother's leg, shaking in fear.

Another arm, and another broke through the road and clung to the cable car. The creatures arose, burrowing up and out of the ground. They had red skin and black eyes, white pointed teeth glinting in the light of day. Someone cried out 'gremlins', while yet another named them correctly - demons.

Mr. Wong cursed as he picked himself up from the floor of the cable car, pushing his way through the throng to the edge. Two demons chattered to each other in indecipherable clicks and whistles, eyeing the passengers as though they were sizing them up.

The largest of the two sprang upon the little girl. He sank his teeth into her flesh, tearing his claws into her face. Blood sprayed crimson. Her mother screamed, beating at the creature with her purse. All that was left of the girl was a mangled heap of bones and flesh, the tattered remains of her dress hanging from the demon's jowls.

Mr. Wong prayed that the creatures wouldn't harm his wife and his son, safe at home, and closed his eyes. He did not want to see his own death.

He hoped it would come swiftly.

The End

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