The King of DeathMature

The seventh dimension.

Few know of this place, and fewer still wish to journey there.

Some say that Lucifer wandered there before claiming the sixth dimension as his.

It is a place that humans only just barely touch in their darkest nightmares.

Rumor has it that it is far more terrible than Hell itself.


In that cold dark lonely place where light never shines, a being awakens.

What's this? A Guardian with a human? No, no...that just won't do....

He could see her. See her laughing, flying with the boy.

Everyone knows what happens when Guardians come to Earth....

The creature shifted itself as slowly as it could, so He would not see. It materialized in the first dimension, a land of grey - colorless and filled with the ghosts of the dead.

The being's form took that of a fallen Guardian, bat-like wings arcing behind him. He smiled, flicking his black bangs out of his face, revealing his bright red eyes.

The spirits gathered around him, moaning, releasing their agony upon him. The fallen soothed them, stroking their ethereal fire. They ceased in their cries, bowing before their leader. He stood tall, pointed tail stirring the dust upon the ground.

Skin as red as blood, teeth sharp and black.

Prepare yourself Iris.

A forked tongue darted between his maroon lips, tasting the deadened air.

The King of Death arises......

The End

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