You Have To Soar Before You Can FlyMature

I stood on the edge of the roof, the road far below. The wind tossed my hair behind me, snapping like a flag in the breeze.

Birds swooped above the bay in the distance, the gulls screeching wildly. I unfurled my wings ever so slowly, the splints breaking and falling to pieces to the rooftop.

I took a deep breath, and let my body tip forward. The earth rushed up to meet me, but my wings caught my fall. I glided forward, my stomach inches from the pavement.

With a giddy, nervous laugh, I beat my wings and rose above the houses, up and up into the sapphire tinted sky.

Cain whooped and hollered down below upon the roof, waving his arms to catch my attention. I banked left, coming back around towards the house. Birds flew by me, chirping and chattering their singsong greetings in a flurry of feathers.

I alighted gently upon the shingles, my wings folding behind me.

"That was incredible," Cain gasped. His eyes sparkled with awestruck wonder.

I laughed, leaping into the air. I grabbed him by the waist and carried him upwards. He screamed and flailed at first, then relaxed.

"Please don't drop me," He cried, his arms clutching my own.

I burbled with laughter, "Never,"


The End

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