Human SaviourMature

They had torn my clothes off, dubbing me a 'freak' because of my wings. The fools didn't see what I was, thank the Lord. On the other hand, this didn't stop them from hurting me.

They had proceeded to sexually abuse me, their tongues sliding inside my mouth as they kissed me forcefully. My body ached from the pain as they pushed me up against the wall in turn.

Their hard hands bruised my arms and legs, teeth biting into my flesh. They were like demons, horrid human-faced demons. I thought I would soon die.

The door crashed open, startling my captives.

"Fang! What the hell did you do to her?" Cain stormed inside, his eyes blazing with fury.

The leader who wore a red mohawk stood from his position on top of me, grinning cruelly, "We didn't do anything bad. We were just playing with your freaky doll-face babe is all,"

The others nodded their agreement, some calling out, "Yeah. Yep. Absoloutely,"

Cain reared back his fist, slamming it into Fang's nose. Blood spattered across my skin as the devilish human collapsed to the floor, howling in pain.

I stood shakily, spreading my wings as best I could. The others shuffled backwards in fear. I suppose they hadn't realized I could move my odd appendages. Summoning the last of my strength, I formed a bolt of energy between my palms.

"Leave this place," I hissed, displaying the crackling white which tingled across my skin.

They scrambled out of the house, tripping over one another in their hurry to leave. Fang rose groggily from the floor, clutching his broken nose. Staring wide eyed at me, he stumbled out the door, muttering something about angels and demons.

The electric current I had created ceased and my strength left me. I collapsed. Cain caught me in his arms, his face nuzzling my own as he lowered me to the floor.

"I'm so sorry Iris. I should have thought about those goons,"

I could not reply. Sweet slumber lulled me into the dark.


The End

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