Apples and CatsMature

I inspected the red apple Cain had offered me, turning it over and over in my hands. Guardians did not require consumption of food. We gained all our energy from the rift in Nevae leading to the fifth dimension.

I sank my teeth into it, breaking through its thin skin. The sweet juice ran into my mouth, sliding down my throat.

I swallowed a bite of the white meat of the fruit.

"So?" Cain asked. He had been watching me curiously as I had attempted to eat.

"Scrumptious!" I cried with delight, taking another mouthful of the apple.

He laughed, shaking his head, "You are one strange girl,"

I glared at him, "I am not human, Cain Davis,"

He eyed my wings, nodding, "I can see that,"

I noticed he had slung his backpack over his shoulder, "Going somewhere?"

He fingered the strap of the backpack, "Yeah, it's Monday. I gotta go to school,"

I stared down at the half eaten apple in my hands. It's gleaming surface reflected the light coming from the kitchen window.

"I have to stay here, don't I?" I murmured.


We stood in silence for a moment. The clock I had heard yesterday ticked away, counting the seconds dutifully. Something furry rubbed against my legs, breaking the moment.

I looked down to see...

"Demon!" I cried, leaping away.

Cain roared with laughter, "Him? Nah, that's Martin. He's my cat,"

The animal regarded me curiously, its tail twitching back and forth as though it had a mind of its own.

I knelt to study it. It resembled a demon, but it had a nose and a triangular face. Martin's pelt was a dark ebony, slightly iridescent, reminding me of Vivian's black wings.

I reached out a hand cautiously. He rubbed his pink wet nose on it, an odd rumbly noise coming from his throat. I laughed as his whiskers tickled my skin.

The front door opened. I stood to see that Cain stood there, pulling his shoes on.

"You're leaving?"

He nodded, "I already missed the bus, I'm going to be late for school if I don't catch a cable car heading downtown,"

I didn't understand half of his words, but I nodded in reply all the same. He flashed me a smile before closing the door behind him, leaving me alone in the house.

I glanced down at Martin who let out a noise that sounded like 'Mrow,'

"I suppose its just you and me, hmm?" He rubbed against my legs once more.

Me and the cat, alone, together.




The End

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