After Cain had explained to me the purpose of underwear, he proceeded to fix my wings.


He straightened the bones, oh so gently, but it still hurt like the fires of the sixth dimension.

He put them in splints, medicating them and wrapping them in gauze, and then showed me to the guest room.


“You can sleep in here for tonight. My parents won’t be home till later. Don’t make a sound and don’t come out till I tell you to,” He ordered, turning to leave the room.


“Cain,” I called after him softly.


He paused, looking back over his shoulder.


“Thank you,”


He nodded in reply, exiting the room.

As soon as he was gone, I raced to the window, throwing it open.


The sweet Earth air filled my lungs, relieving my overwhelming sense of claustrophobia.

Stars twinkled down merrily as though they were winking at me.

I grinned, resisting the childish urge to wave at them.

There were few here, because of the city lights, but it was still enjoyable to see them.


We had stars in Nevae, but they weren’t truly stars like the ones on Earth.

Ours were large glowing orbs which moved slowly across the night.

They were living creatures with long wispy tentacles and a mouth that opened and closed like a fish’s.


Here, they were burning balls of fire and gas.

It fascinated me to no end that we only had one such fiery sphere while Earth had many.


Cable cars moved along the hilly streets far off, their headlights causing the track before them to gleam in the darkness.


Exhaustion tugged at my eyelids, distracting me from the sight of the human city before me.


Staggering to the bed, I collapsed onto it, falling asleep the moment my body hit the mattress.




Light streamed onto my face from Earth’s closest star, known as the Sun. I pried my eyes open, peering out through half closed lids.

The room was bathed in golden sunlight. A cat figurine’s jeweled eyes on the bedside table glittered, reminding me of the stars the night before.


I sat up stiffly, rubbing my aching shoulders. I was beginning to feel the pain of my fall. Bruises decorated my arms and legs.


Groaning, I wandered to the bathroom adjacent to the room, running the hot water.

I splashed a handful onto my face, wiping the filth from my pale skin.

I caught sight of my reflection.

My hair was a mess, frizzed up in all directions. Bruises and cuts were all over me, my bandaged wings sticking straight out as though they were made of something heavier than my feathers, skin, and hollow bones.


And I was still naked.

I walked back to the bedroom. My dress was spread out on the bed as though it had magically appeared. The door was open a crack – Cain had been here.


I picked up my dress, slipping it over my head.

The low V in the back allowed my wings to poke through, the light material not bothering my injuries whatsoever.

I twirled around for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the air on my bare legs.


“You’re having fun I see,”


I stopped twirling.


Cain was standing there, leaning against the door, his arms folded. How long had he been there? Had he seen my bare skin once more?


“I suppose,” I replied casually.


He shrugged nonchalantly.


“Is it safe to leave the room?” I asked, peering over Cain into the hallway beyond.


“My parents left for work this morning. No worries,” He flashed me a winning smile.


I tried my best to cover up my blush. He really was a handsome boy.

My stomach made the oddest noise.

I stared down at it in surprise.

This had never happened before…


Cain laughed, “What’s the matter, never been hungry before?”


This dimension was getting stranger and stranger….

The End

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