I awoke.

There were walls all around me, suffocating walls which closed me off from the sky and the stars.

I pulled the blanket I found draped over me close to my chest, finding comfort in its soft warmth.

A clock ticked away, the clock itself unseen. The room I found myself in was a living room, a television in one corner, a couch in the other.

I was lying on the couch.

I struggled to sit up, my back and wings stinging with pain. When I finally could, I saw that my blood had seeped into the upholstery of the couch, staining it.

A door creaked open. I clutched at the blanket once more, screwing my eyes shut in fear.


A boy entered the room. It was Cain.


Of all front lawns to crash land on, I had managed to fall onto Cain’s.

He stood there, staring at me with a mixture of fear and wonder, studying my broken bloody wings which hung on either side of me.


Neither of us spoke for quite some time. I was just as fascinated to see him in the flesh as he was of me.

Only in his dream had we met.

I touched the healing wound on my arm where the demon had bitten me. Wounds of the mind affect the body, Vivian had once said.


“Hello Iris,” Cain broke the silence with those simple words, walking towards me, unafraid.


I scooted back into the couch, my knuckles turning white as I clutched the blanket.

He sat next to me, his eyes never leaving my wings.


“Does it hurt?” He murmured, worry spreading across his face.


I reached up with one hand, tucking my hair behind my ear, “Yes,”


He opened his mouth to say something, but shut it just as quickly, turning away.

I turned away as well. I focused on trying to fold my wings against my back, but to no avail. The bones were shattered; no amount of muscle could move them. I had to bind them before they healed that way – I would be unable to fly if I did not.


I turned back towards Cain who was examining the bloody stain my wings had left on the couch.


“Do you have a first aid kit?” I may be a Guardian, but I did know a few human terminologies. One of which being ‘first aid kit’.


He nodded, standing to get it.

I sat alone in the living room while he had departed to search for it.


I was on Earth. I had made it to the greatest skyisland in the universe.


Cain returned with a white box, a red cross on its surface.

I stood, holding out my hand for it.

He shook his head, “You won’t be able to do it yourself. Let me help,”


I sighed reluctantly.

Finding that my left hand was still holding onto the blanket for dear life, I dropped it.

Cain motioned for me to follow, exiting the living room.

We entered a hallway with pictures along the walls. They depicted Cain and his family.

I studied them with curiosity.

I had only seen a few human photographs before. Usually the only area of the house I enter in my ethereal form when I am on missions from the Chamber is the bedroom to invade human minds whilst they sleep.


“Here,” I turned my attention back to Cain who held a door open for me. It was a bathroom.


I stepped inside. Cain closed the door behind us.


“Take your dress off,”


I glared at him. He could fix my wings without taking my gown off.


“It’s all bloody. I can get you clean clothes until that’s washed,”


I continued to stare at him angrily.


“Oh for Pete’s sake, I won’t look!” He cried, throwing his hands up.


This human was the only way I could fix my wings. With utter disgust at revealing my bare flesh to Cain, I pulled my dress gingerly over my head.

It fell to the ground in a white heap.


His mouth fell open, eyes growing wide.

Before he could speak, I spoke first, “You said you wouldn’t look,”


He clamped his jaw shut, eyes darting up to my own, “Yeah, well…You didn’t tell me you didn’t have underwear on,”



The End

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