The Fallen AngelMature

I was falling.

Storm clouds raced past me, lightning lacing the sky with jagged lines. The rain appeared to be rising up from the ground all around me. It told me how fast I was falling.

I opened my wings, trying to slow my descent. The city lights below me were growing larger by the second, tall buildings jutting up from the ground, coming into focus.

The wind tore at my wings, my back aching from the effort. My body felt heavy and solid instead of the ethereal lightness I possessed in Nevae.

My wings snapped sharply, bone splintering. I screamed as I turned over in the air, blood flying past me, up into the sky above.

I turned over and over, the wind and the rain whipping my dress around my legs. The ground rose up to meet me, my back crashing upon the ground. My wings felt brittle and injured, pressed into the soggy muddy ground beneath me.

Dark splotches drifted across my vision, rain splashing onto my face. Light spilled across the grass, a voice crying out.

I couldn't make out the words, my head was throbbing too much. A figure stood over me, pointing down with a shaking finger, screaming in terror.

I rolled over, bracing my hands on the ground, trying desperately to stand. The person only yelled louder at this, now having a full view of my broken tattered wings.

My limbs could not support me. I fell onto the ground, my cheek pressed into the damp wet Earth.

The darkness closed over me, comforting me, lulling me to sleep. The sleep dulled the pain, numbing my already cold and quaking body. I sighed with relief as the screaming ceased. There were murmurs and frantic talking, hands touching my face, smoothing my hair. Someone threw a blanket over me, lifting me from the ground.

I lost all consciousness, unaware of what they would do next.

The End

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