I burst out of the Chamber, beating my wings frantically to escape Vivian's rage. She was still screaming at me as I took to the air, the tiny skyisland the Chamber was built on falling away beneath me.

Clouds tinged with pink whipped past me, my pale blue hair flying in my face, making it difficult to see.

I paused in my flight, hovering for a moment as I tied my hair back with a white sash which I had been wearing as a bracelet.

My white dress billowed outwards in the breeze, a circle of ivory beneath me.

I smiled at absolutely nothing at all, continuing my flight over the valley.

A familiar voice called up to me from a nearby skyisland. I grinned when I saw that it was Evangeline, one of my only friends.

Guardians were normally solitary creatures who only met to mate, but Evangeline and I shared something akin to sisterhood.

I had met her the day she almost fell off the skyisland she called home. After saving her, she begged me to visit her.  Evangeline was wingless, an outcast, forbidden to enter the Chamber. As if she could reach it anyway.

When a Guardian loses his or her wings, often times they are prone to loneliness.

So I agreed, visiting her whenever I could.


I alighted on the island, my vast wings stirring up clouds of dust from the dry soil.

“So, how did it go?” She asked me, her bright amber eyes shining in the dim light of dusk.


“Not good,” I murmured, wandering into the small cluster of dogwood trees behind her.

Their pink blossoms shed tiny petals, falling ever so gently to the forest floor.


“What do you mean?” She frowned, sitting down upon a grey slab of granite that served as a chair.


I sighed, turning to face her, “The boy saw me. I don’t know how, or why. But he saw me,” I stammered, reaching up to absently braid my hair. Braiding things calmed me down for some odd reason.

“Oh,” Her eyes grew wide in shock.


I sat down in the moss, tucking my legs beneath me. My braid was almost finished, the blue strands sliding easily into place.

I had always envied Evangeline’s gorgeous golden hair. I wondered for a moment what color her wings had been – had they too been the glorious gold color that outshone my pale blue?


“There’s something about him,” I murmured, breaking the silence, “He wasn’t afraid of me,”


Evangeline laughed, “To him, you are a gorgeous girl with wings – an angel. Of course he wasn’t afraid of you!”


I glared at her, letting my braid hang against my cheek. An awkward silence gathered once more. The only sound to be heard was the far off coo of a dove from the top of an old oak.


“I want to go back,” I gasped as the words left my mouth, my hand flying up to prevent any more thoughts from escaping.


Evangeline raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? Falling for a human are we?”


I sighed, untwisting my braid, “I don’t know, Evangeline. There’s something different about him,”


She nodded, rising from her seat upon the granite slab.


“Then go to him,”


I looked up at her in shock, “I can’t go to the Chamber, I have to wait till my next assignment,”


I didn’t like the mischievous gleam in Evangeline’s eyes, “We can go in the dead of night, no one will know,”


I shook my head firmly, standing to meet her gaze, “No, that would be breaking the Law,”


She met my eyes, “This is for love,”


I laughed, “Love? I don’t even know him,”


She grabbed my hand, smiling, “Then get to know him,” She dragged me through the trees, laughing blissfully.


I found myself letting go, chasing after her, a few spare feathers fluttering to the ground as tree branches slapped my wings.

The mystery of Cain Davis could wait. I was having too much fun to dwell on irrelevant humans.

I would soon come to realize Cain wasn’t as irrelevant as I thought.

The End

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