The one who was differentMature

His face was soft and peaceful, dirty blonde hair mussed up from tossing and turning upon his pillow.

His breath was soft and gentle, bare chest rising and falling ever so slightly.

I found a sigh escaping my lips as I watched him, Cain Davis, my assignment.


Stay on task.... My teacher's voice intruded my thoughts.

Vivian was her name, a Guardian Leader who was over two hundred years old.

Pushing her anxious conscious aside, I leaned down to place a gentle ethereal kiss on Cain's forehead.

He shivered reflexively, drawing his bed covers around him in his sleep.

I giggled, raising my hand to my mouth.

I always did this to handsome human boys. I had no idea, however, that this one would be different.

Closing my eyes, I entered the world of his mind, a landscape filled with strange creatures and stray thoughts - the mind of a dreaming human.

The sky was stained a dark red, a sign that there was a demon lurking here.

Drawing my blade, I crept through tall purple grass towards a building crafted of glass. Cain had a very interesting imagination.


A white doe followed by a black panther bounded across my path, the cat snarling as it passed.

Cain himself sat inside the pavilion of glass, weeping silently. His tears were of blood, red liquid splashing onto his white shirt.

The demon was hiding behind a silver boulder, watching him with pitch black eyes, a cruel smile revealing its sharp pointed teeth.

Now for the tricky part. I had to determine what kind of demon this was. Perhaps Cain’s girlfriend broke up with him and he was suffering from grief. Another option was an abusive family, or a bully at school.

By the looks of the foul creature, I saw that it was heartache and loneliness, its thin gaunt body showing its heart beating through its taut red skin. It looked at me, its pointed ears flying up in alarm.


"Hello you little imp," I hissed, flashing my silver blade burning with holy fire in its direction.

It screeched in terror, running for the boy. I beat my wings, propelling myself after the demon - I had to reach Cain before him.

Cain dried his bloody tears on his shirt, looking up in shock. No.....It wasn't possible. Humans couldn't see Guardians and demons, even if they tried.

But truth be told, Cain Davis was watching our battle with wide terrified eyes.

I could only hope that he would wake up soon and think it was all just a dream - which, it was, in a way.

I grabbed the demon's scrawny back leg raising my sword to slice it off.

For a creature of the sixth dimension, it wasn't very strong.

Unfortunately, that thought was quickly replaced as the imp whirled around, clamping its sharp little teeth in my arm.

I screamed reeling back in pain as its poison seeped into my veins, my own silver blood spilling onto the ground.

My sword had landed a few feet away in the grass.

I lunged towards it, falling short as the demon grabbed my foot. I fell on my front, my fingers scrabbling for the hilt.

A shadow fell across me. I looked up to see Cain, who bent down to pick up the sword, offering it to me hilt first.

This had never happened before. Humans and Guardians did not, could not, interact.

But my eyes did not deceive me. I took the sword, twisting my body to arc the blade in the air, slicing the creature in two halves. It exploded into a cloud of red dust with an earsplitting scream.

I fingered my wound, rising to my feet.

"Who are you?" Cain whispered.

I looked at him, examining the blood stained upon his cheeks. Poor thing - what a terrible nightmare this must be for him.

I figured I might as well tell him the truth.

It was no use lying to him now, "Iris," I murmured.


The dream world began to fade - Cain was waking up.


"Wait! Don't go!" He cried, reaching out to me as the purple grass disappeared, the sky fading to black, the ground dissipating beneath our feet.


Vivian's angry voice filled my head. I clutched my skull in agony as her rage overtook my every cell.



The End

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