A Long Night

When he arrived at home, finally having made his decision, the night seemed to drag on, in stark contrast to the speed at which the day flew by. From the time when he arrived home until dinner seemed an eternity. At dinner, he choked down his food, claiming to be tired and want to go to sleep early, but as he finished his food his mother declared that she would make their nightly bible discussion early tonight so that he could still participate. It seemed that even though she knew he was a pagan, she was hoping that if she just forced him into the bible enough that he would see magically that there was some error in his ways, and that he could correct it by switching to her religion. Regardless, he still played along with her, not wishing to start any more arguments about his religion, for he knew he was on a fine line with her, and being eighteen, he couldn't afford to piss her off too badly.

Finally though, after what seemed like an hour of pouring through passages and talking about their significance, he was allowed to retire to his bed, where he proceeded to toss and turn for hours, trying to get to sleep with little luck. Eventually though, he found himself wandering through the desert and knew that he was finally there. Now all he would have to do was find the person who started this mess and tell him that he wanted to accept the deal, that he wanted to be able to see her again no matter the cost, but first he would have to find the guy. As if answering his wish, he slowly came into sight of a statue. At first he thought it was a pillar to some long forgotten palace, but as he came closer to it he realized that it was a statue of the very same person he was looking for. As he came closer, the sandy color started to bleed from the statue and its clothing started billowing in a nonexistent wind, and Caleb's heart lept as he realized that he was standing face to face with the man that he was trying to find. Clearing his throat, Caleb spoke up and told him that he had made his decision and that he would accept the deal that the man had offered.

"So," the man responded after a moment's pause, "you accept my offer, even knowing the consequences? You do realize that once you do this there is no turning back, and you will have to deal with hardships that you haven't even dreamed about?"

"Yes," Caleb answered, staring the man dead in the eye. "I'm prepared to face whatever comes."

"Very well," the man replied, outstretching his hand, sending sand flying towards Caleb. Before he had time to respond, or even process what was going on, sand was all around him, crushing him, burning, and he was sure that he had even swallowed a couple mouthfuls of it. Soon all went black, all he knew was sand, and he awoke in a panic, clawing at waves of sand that were no longer there. He reached up a hand to run through his hair only to realize two things, first being that his hair was no longer there, and second being that he was covered in sandy brown colored fur. Slightly dreading what he would see, he walked up to the mirror hanging in his room with his eyes closed, then cracked one eye open. What stared back at him was a sand colored wolf boy, who looked much like Ashley did, with one green eye squinting out at him.

It was when he turned around to drop back on his bed that he got the second shock of his life, for sitting on the bed, staring up at him with confusion in her light blue eyes, was Ashley. It took all the strength that he could muster not to fall out onto the floor from pure shock right then and there, but he realized that his problems were only beginning. For one, what was he going to tell his mom? Then he had a thought that sent an icy chill through his back. Would Ashley still recognize him? For what seemed like eternity upon eternity, punctuated only by each hammering of the second hand belonging to the clock on his wall, he just stood there, staring back into her confused eyes until she finally spoke.

The End

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