Decision Made

The morning passed by faster than he would have thought possible, and before he realized it he was already coming back from lunch without having paid enough attention to the day to know more than the fact that he had probably failed his math test because he couldn't concentrate on his school work. On the bright side, his favorite class, history, was coming up next, so maybe he would be able to catch a break from thinking about the decision he had looming over his head.

"Alright class," the teacher said, "please pass your homework on the conclusion of the Salem Witch Trials to the front of the class so I can collect it."

Caleb sighed as he rummaged through his backpack for his notebook, then finally dug it out from between a statistics book and his physics folder. He tiredly handed up the worksheet that he had done the night before to the girl in front of him as she turned around to see what the hold up was.

"Now then," the teacher began once again, "today we are going to split up into groups of three and work on three discussion questions that I will put on the board, which are to be turned in at the end of the period. If there aren't any questions, you may find your partners now."

"So," the guy sitting next to Caleb drawled out, turning his desk to face Caleb, " 'evaluate the significance of who was accused of witchcraft and who the accusers were during the trials.' Any ideas on how to start this one Cal?"

Much due to the fact that he was grouped with his two friends during the class for the discussion, Caleb managed to keep his mind off of his problem for the duration of his class, but when it came time for the last class of the day, Physical Education, he had to deal with a different problem, as this was the class that held the most students that looked down on him and disliked him. On the bright side, though, it was during this class that Caleb made the decision that tonight he would find the person in his dreams and accept his deal. Best case scenario, he figured, was that the guy was bluffing and couldn't do anything to him because of the fact he was only a character in a dream, but even if his power was real, he would still get to keep Ashley, who was currently one of the few things in his life that he cherished. He found it funny that all it took was a black eye from being hit in the face with a volleyball to realize that everything that he currently had was worth giving up to keep the one thing that he cared about, even if she only was in his dreams.

The End

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