The Dark Vei of Father Alfred Dickson

As a child I saw these many things that frighten me, the things no one else is able to see, nightmares occur while I am awake. I was beaten for these fantasies, they were real I know now. I was born with the ability to see acts and messengers I considered to be god for so long.

It was long before this moment that I first saw what I know now to be Dark Vei, the opposite of Eend, total consumption. I was eight years old it shook me, I remember walking with my mother -even the trees turning inward that cold autumn afternoon- no light shone through the darkened clouds. A man in an open field stood, laughter filled with joy this image stays true to me through out my life. The man repeats to me in memory, flying a kite -no now a blackbird dripping with blood. Sometimes the man saw me and most times I only saw him, laughter, no fright. These images, their significance to my life, striking me down in tears, why? I asked god, what do they MEAN? I ask repeatedly from nightmared eyes and voice.

I am a minister of GOD; my name is Father Alfred Dickson of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, and I may now know the Eend.

The End

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