david fry: the eend begins


Even you can find an answer if you look hard enough. 

David Fry was just an average lonely university student. He was in his second year of study at the University of British Columbia attempting to major in Behavioral Psychology with an emphasis on Historical cases. This decision came when one day in the public library he came across an article written almost fifty years prior of a man who appeared to be lost in his own mind, starving himself for GOD. The study case of 'the evaporating man' contained little information other than the patients name and a breakdown of his psychosis, yet this could not be passed over. The more David read about the lost man the more real his perceived illusions became.

My name is David Fry, I am that man, but when three weeks ago I abandoned a university degree to finally track down a manuscript written fifty years earlier by Alfred Dickson, the lost man, I had little knowlege of how this ride would truly EEND.

The End

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