in search of the eend


In this beginning there was everything and there was nothing; dark yet light, still with breath and pulse. Like devoured like, dark devoured dark and light devoured light, life had no purpose, motion was stillness and nothingness surrounded everything. This was the moment before life itself disrupted the balance, that balance was Eend.

It has been said our life began with a bang and it is true, as when energy collides and consumes within its own energy, nova, we were brought from the Eend.

Before we became this force we were another force striving to find our peace, a force which is not similar to that we have become ourselves. No light and no life existed; we had no thirst for knowledge or for love.  We were harmony, we were existence.   All life subsisted as an eternal energy the power that is me was the power that is you.  All energy co-existed on a plain which no longer we believe. Eend is a balance of energy we once sustained and we were once self sufficient, relying not on outside energy to exist or thrive, we were perfect as the earth replenishing its own soul, vei ka.

People conflict, theories of creation and implosion, we know not how close we are to the truth. A God sent bible tells the story of creation: God said “let there be light”.  Light came first; I know the story is what god would have wished, for with light he could have seen. We created light and with light came knowledge and consumption. 

As has been said we begin as eend, an eternal reset button. Before this existence we were all another existence, and before that and that before. God has spent eternity trying to create a perfect balance, few last. We begin as Eend a life force completely whole with no need; we are then given conscious mind, the mind came long before the beginning of that which we call time, ka.

Ka translates directly as an immeasurable sum and is the beginning and end of most calculations. Vei ka means a soul that is in constant replenish, and Ka hei is that which can no longer be renewed but continues to survive until extinguished. We created light as a means to understand our creation, it existed as the first energy outside the eend, this moment is signified in scripture as the moment the human Eve bite into an apple from the tree of knowledge, but we were not there yet. We took from ourselves long before we gave this world it’s being. Eend is a majestic force unlike anything we could grasp with our closed minds, nothingness that contains everything, and the moment we took from this energy we created a need. The moment Eve bite into the apple she consumed the energy of an entire life force, creating a need to replenish Vei ka, this need has consumed us 

The End

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