Into the Night

"To whoever finds this letter:

I am deeply sorry for leaving my family and friends behind to grieve my loss, but I cannot marry Rebecca and live happily. I am afraid that my two other options, however, are to end my life, or never come back. I am sure that you'll all understand, or at least most of you. Those of you that do, please try to console and reason with my father, for I know that he will be wroth with my decision and cowardice; after all, this is no way the Son of Duke Peldyn to act. 

My fondest wishes and thoughts to you,

Thaif Peldyn."

Those were the words that I wrote on the note I left on the table of the dressing room, and also the words that ran through my head as I rode as fast as I could towards my house to collect what few items I would be bringing with me on my journeys. I soon got to the front porch of my house, and quickly dismounted my horse, tying him quickly to the banister of the stairs to the front porch.

"Sorry for rushing you, Blitzpferd, but I wanted to get away from that cathedral as fast as I could." I sighed as I patted my horses beautiful brown and white spotted coat lightly on the neck. "I promise you'll have extra carrots tonight; my treat."

I quickly ran up the stairs, and got to my room. I don't need to have much to be satisfied, so I packed an extra pair of pants, and two shirts and tunics into a bag. I jumped into my riding boots, and grabbed a pair of spare shoes. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my long-sword and my bow and a quiver full of arrows; not the normal place for them, but where I prefer to put them for occasions like this, when I run away and need to go in a hurry.

I slipped into the kitchen when no one was looking, and grabbed as many carrots as I could fit into my pack. Running down the hall, I shot a single arrow blindly at a map that hung in the middle of the hallway. As I walked up to it I looked to see where the arrow landed.

"Aeton... That's only a weeks ride from here.... I can do that easily." I whispered to myself as I pulled my arrow out of the map, looking at all of the other holes from previous excursions when I ran away for various reasons of adventure. "It'll take them at least three months to find me, if that's where I stay the entire time."

I ran to Blizpferd, stroked his neck as he slowly ate a carrot I held out to him, and quickly mounted him as soon as he was finished eating. I leaned my head against his and whispered into his ear: "I am sorry, old friend, but we must go a bit quicker than normal; but it's just for this evening. Tomorrow we can take it as easy as we want to. We'll be at the border of Gwindavir by nightfall; you can rest then." I kissed his thick mane gently and guided him in the direction of Aeton, never slowing down or looking back.

The End

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