I was sitting in my father's large, and crowed desk finishing a note to the son of some Lord who was visiting that stated that I would not be riding out with him because it would cause me to leave him and his skinny horse in the dust as I ride far away from him, when one of my ladies in waiting came into the room.

"My lady Vanessa, it's time to go for the ride with Sir Dud-" 

"Jenny would you please go take it to that man?" I interrupted.


I picked up the note and passed it too her. As she quickly read it I absentmindedly cleaned my hands on my dress only to relize too late that I was wearing a pale blue dress not my black dress.

"But this says-"

"Yes Jenny," I interrupted. "I know what it says. Now please take it to him right now."

Jenny stood there for a moment, looked up at me, curtsied and then left the room. I watched her go then after a moment I picked up a book, opened it and left the room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I came out of my room in a dark purple dress and headed down the stairs of my family’s wing and out the door to the stables.  I walked over to my dark gray Shire horse Storm Cloud as he calls out to me.

“Yes, I have an apple.”

His ears prick forward in interest.

I give him the apple and once he's finished it I put a bridle on him and we shoot out of the castle grounds like an arrow. 


The End

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