In pursuit of mortality

He looked at her.                                                                                Deep, deep within her eyes he saw movement, but then it disappeared and stone once again replaced it as a presence.                                 The trees quivered with her breathing and fire burned at the clawing limbs touching her heated form.                                        Knelt on the floor like a wild animal she existed alone, without cause, without purpose.                                                                                He withdrew the saber. To give her purpose of course. A slow smile flickered on her rose red lips; a forked tongue flickered in the dying light.                                                                                                 No sound echoed around the burnt life as they launched themselves at each other. Blood spewed and flesh tore. In the far distance the fortress glowed.                                                              They pulled away from each other, snarling, blood-lust in their very souls. She moved, that languid tongue coming up to lick the flecks from her face. Her eyes darkened, the life seeping through her guts that had begun to dribble from her destroyed abdomen. The few words and the quick flick of her head in the direction of the castle.

"go on through" 

whispered, but there was victory in those words. For him; for his kind.                                                                                                              He staggered forward, saber dragging across the rough earth. As he freed himself from the tangle of the clearing, white fire leapt up and advanced towards his leftover victim.                                           He turned...just once. A single cry erupted from the highest twigs, and dispersed into the night. A blackened ghost followed it up.                               One more death on his way to the end, one more corpse. At least there was no evidence this time.                                        He would not have to pass this way again if he made it. He would not have to face the truth. If. 

He moved forward once more, but his heart was heavy and his mind was wandering alone...

The End

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