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Chapter eleven: Extra scholar activity.

When the school day ended, I made my way to the science classroom. When everyone else was out, he closed the door and turned toward me. "I'm glad you could make it."

"Well, I'm still puzzled by all this weirdness that's been happening, I can't exactly ignore it and you're the only guy who knows about it. I mean what the hell are those archon things?"

He motioned to one of the chair as he sat on his desk. "Alright, boy. Let me tell you something; our world is sick, it's been sick for quite a while. Long ago, the world wasn't like it is today, it was fluid, ever changing and filled with power. Things weren't set down in stone or rather cement like they are now. 

It's around the renaissance that a group of tinkers assembled and started to work tirelessly to fix the universe, to make sense of the unexplained and dispel all the myths. As people embraced logic and science rather than superstitions it started changing the world. As the laws of physics started to be known it made the world more and more static. 

But once upon a time, all those myths you heard, dragons, medusa and heroes. Those existed but have long since been expelled from our reality. They still exist in the other worlds...

How to explain the other worlds, think of our world as multi layered, sort of like a wedding cake. All of the layers are separate but connected. But back to the archons. As our world evolved into it's fixed state of being, something went crazy and were corrupted, the archons are the result of that, they're cancerous cells in our world that have been tainted by the Outside."

"The Outside?"

"There are things that exist outside of reality, we don't have a name for them other than the outsiders. They're old, older than creation. They've been waiting outside of our reality waiting for the walls to crumble so they can take back what theirs."

"The archons, how do you get rid of them? When I tried kicking one, it didn't even seem to notice..."

"The only thin g that can touch them is magic, they aren't part of our world anymore, anything that belong in it won't affect them. Enchanted weapons work too."

"Enchanted weapons?"

"There are four kinds of magic; Thaumaturgy, Theurgy, Enchanting and Alchemy. Thaumaturgy is the quick and dirty magic, like you did. Theurgy is ritualized magic, it takes some time but it can do more varied and powerful things. Enchanting consist of taking something and modifying it, infusing some power into it. Alchemy is the last operation, it rely on using natural powers of plants and minerals, to create potions, powders, salves or to transmute something into something else."

"Ok, what about black magic?"

He bursted out laughing and I had the feeling that I had said something wrong.

"Ah the childish illusion of morality." He mused out. "Listen well, there's nothing in this world that is black and white, everything is made out of different shades of gray. Magic is no different. Tell me, is there really a difference between stopping someone's heart with a hex rather than burning him alive with elemental magic?"

"Touché, I guess." I replied.

The End

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