Chapter ten: Lunch

A few days passed by with history which proved to be quite boring and tedious while grounded at home and denied the right to do anything. I was sitting in the cafeteria with Max and Jane when a vaguely familiar girl came to our table sitting down next to me.

"Hey, you're the new guy, Joel right?" She asked, smiling at me. When I looked at her, my eyes detoured downward, as she was wearing a very tight tank top and a rather short skirt. "I'm Jennifer." She presented herself as I looked her in the eyes.

"As you said, Joel."

"Since you're new here, I thought I'd be nice and invite you to a Halloween party I'm planning this Friday." She picked a pen from the stuff scattered across the lunch table and wrote the address on a rogue strip of paper. "Seven, be there with a costume, alright?" She then looked at the other two before inviting them too. As she left, I kept looking at her which made Jane comment.

"I'm pretty sure I know what's on your mind, but I'm positive she's taken." I arched an eyebrow and she pointed in the direction of the table she was now sitting at. "See the girl sitting next to her? That's her girlfriend."

I looked at the group, there were five people, beyond the two girls were three guys, a guy with red hair, a metal head and a smaller average looking one who was clinging to the second one. 

"Who are they?" I asked, motioning with a nod at the group.

"The odd bunch, I only know Lucas and Grey, they were in my class last year. They're together."

"Are all of them, gay?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

She shrugged and explained. "I don't know, I've heard some rumors about Jennifer, that gets around and with both sides but I guess it keeps them together. I don't know about the other one though. He's been here only since the beginning of the year."

I looked down at the address that Jennifer had written, her hand writing neat and flowing. "Are you going to go?" Jane asked me.

"I don't know yet. Why?"

"Well... Maybe we could go together, as friends I mean."

"Sure, what about you Max, are you going?" I asked, turning toward him. He nodded in answer as he took a bite of pizza.

"Which reminds me, do you want to hang out after school?" He asked. 

"Nah, my mum's got me grounded for the next week... Beside I've got recuperation with the science teacher after school so even if I wasn't I can't."

"Wait, aren't you going to be grounded the night of the party then?"

I grinned mischivously at them. "I've got it covered. I'm sure I'll be able make it."

"If you say so." He said, shrugging. "I'll be in the library if you need me." He then said, getting up and picking his stuff. "There's a math homework I have to finish."

The End

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