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Chapter Eight: Walk home

"Alright, we'll have to stop here for tonight, I have to teach in the morning and you've got school. Beside, your parents must be worried sick." He said, getting up from his chair. "Come, I'll walk you home."

I deposed the empty glass on the cabinet with the other and started following him. He put on a long black coat and handed me a hoodie that was hung next to it. "Better than nothing." He said. Shane it turns out didn't leave very far from me, only a few streets. We walked side by side as he continued to speak about this whole magic mess. 

"Now, you might be able to do magic, but there are some rules on how it all functions." He started, looking back at me to make sure I was listening. "First is that only humans can do real magic, pure humans."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, think of all those bogeymen that horror films like to recycle, they, all of them, are real. They've been living amongst us before recorded history even was a thing. Vampires, werewolves, even angels and demons, although they are another matter that I won't get into now.

The second rule of magic is that only what you believe can be accomplished, that's what it does, it affirm your belief over the dominant paradigm that forms the modern age. This is why science even if it tried couldn't grasp magic, the mere act of disbelieving ruins any effort you put into it. 

Third, just as magicians believe, humans have their beliefs. People don't go around main street flipping trucks, throwing fireballs and riding dragons. Although we can do those things, it creates a conflict with us, the dynamic and awakened souls against the masses of passive, sleeping souls. When that occurs hell breaks loose, earlier when you wasted those archons, you broke the collective idea of reality and it lashed back against you. That's called a backlash, it happens in many form, from hallucination to physical wounds to getting outed from the world into the spirit world. 

The more people witness the impossible and the more grandios the act, the bigger the backlash. Even if nobody witnesses it, there's still a status-quo that is ever present which is dangerous to break."

"So you're saying that whatever I do, it's going to blow up in my face, as far as incredible power goes, this blows." I grumbled, remembering the pain from earlier.

"That's why there are loopholes. Magic can be used to manipulate the fabric of reality, learn to twist it rather than break it. Instead of making a fireball, why don't you make that car explode? You can also use the people's belief as your own, many people believe in curses, faith healing or witchcraft. Then there's simply discretion, nobody can know if you heal broken ribs inside your own body, they won't know if you're using magic to spy on them. You can shift your senses to entirely new frequencies without a soul knowing. That's how magicians worth their salt go around. Unnoticed; invisible to society."

"I still don't know how to do any of it, it just came to me earlier like a reflex."

"Patience, young padawan." He snarkily responded. "All in due time."

The End

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