An explanationMature

Chapter Seven: An explanation

"You're shitting me aren't you? What where those things, the archons, aliens? What about magic, that's just a myth, you must mean something like psychic powers or I don't know..."

He chuckled heartily before taking another sip of his drink. "That's the scientific paradigm for you, boy. Aliens and psychics sure but as soon as you bring out the supernatural people freak out and think it's some kind of joke or trick or that there's a rational explanation behind it all."

He took out another glass and pour some of the alcohol in it before handing it to me. "That'll probably make the story easier to digest." He said before nodding at the couch. 

"Aren't you a teacher, I don't think you should be influencing minors." I suggested, sitting down meekly wondering if I'd gone crazy.

"Shut up, nobody's watching." He snickered out. "Alright where to begin..." He pondered, sitting on his chair and looking back at his ear for a second. "Oh right; Everything you know about the world is wrong and it's the manufactured lies created by a centuries old conspiracy. How's that for a start?" I just shallowed my saliva and sipped the bourbon, the alcohol biting my tongue.

"Now, listen to me. There are some people on earth who have powers, it's not something that passes along in the blood, it's something that all of us have but only a fraction of us ever break free of the chains that hold us down to open the pandora box.

This little trick is called magic, not it's not some psychic powers or something scientific, it's us accessing the inherent divinity in all of us. Some of us, like me, study for years until they finally find it. Some, like you, simply unlock it during some traumatizing event of their lives. 

Suddenly, we're pushed into a world of crazy that doesn't make sense to us anymore, it's a frightening ordeal but there's always someone there to assist us to push forward into the darkness and the light hidden within it. That being has a lots of names; Christian folks will call it your guardian angel, Hindu will call it the atman, pagans will call it the spirit guide or your totem spirit. Sometimes it's a being, human, animal or otherwise, sometimes it's a presence of a recurring meme across the pattern of our lives.

Most of the time, it's invisible buried deep within you mind and heart. But when you need it, it'll make it presence known, inspiring you into a new discovery or giving you the power you need in desperate times.

A few hours ago, when those things surrounded you, something happened, there was a little something that just clicked and you probably didn't do it intentionally, it just flew naturally from you. 

You coalesced your will and inner power and used magic, without even knowing it you cast a spell that destroyed the lesser archons. Do you understand?"

"It's kind of hard to swallow." I replied. "But now I think about it, it explains some of the oddest events in my life..."

"What you did, what called thaumaturgy; miracle working. It's one of the things magicians can do."

"What else can I do and how? It just happened by accident."

"That, is what I'm here for."

The End

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