Safe and SoundMature

Chapter Six: Safe and sound

I woke up some time later, I felt cold, my head hurt and there was a constant ringing in my ears. I was vaguely aware of being somewhere soft and was tucked in with a thick wool blanket. That realization jump started me awake. 

I took a look around in the dark, I couldn't see much except a candle on a drawer on the opposite side of the room, which was the only source of light. It was at that time that I noticed I wasn't wearing anything beyond my boxers, who ever had taken me in had stripped me of my soaked clothes...

I got on my feet, wrapping the blanket around me. I made a few steps when someone knocked at the door before opening it just a crack. "You're awake." The guy noted. "I left some of my clothes on the drawer, it probably will be a bit baggy, but it's better than the alternative." 

When he finished speaking, he closed the door and I went over the clothes. It wasn't much, jeans, a black tee and a belt.  I looked at the mirror and noticed that there were large burn marks that ran all the war from my right hand to my shoulder. It itched a bit but it didn't hurt. When had that gotten there?

I put the clothes on, the feeling of my unbound, uncovered chest rubbing against the fabric just felt wrong, I hated it...

I walked out of the room and down a flight of stairs. There, the guy who had taken me in was sitting in a large comfortable chair, a brick of a book in his hands. The stairs creaked as I stepped onto them and he closed the book. "There you are." He said, getting up and turning around, finally letting me recognize the man.

"It's you, the science teacher... Shane is it?" I asked hesitantly. 

"Bingo! two robot pieces for you." He claimed with a grin. He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of bourbon, filling an empty glass that sat next to his chair. "How are you burns?"

I looked at the marks on my arm. "What is it, I don't remember getting burned..." I muttered, frowning at the strangeness of it all.

"You... You're telling me you don't know?" He asked, seemingly stunned by my ignorance...

"Should I?" I hesitantly asked, feeling a bit stupid for some reason. "I've never had those before."

"Oh boy." He said with a sigh, downing his drink in a single go and pouring another. "What do you think happened back at the water side?"

"I don't know, something jumped me." I said, evasively. He would think I was crazy if I told him the truth.

"And let me guess, that something just so happened to look like some kind of monster strait out of the call of Cthulhu. They tried to kill you, almost did and then you just did something without realizing what it was and it save your ass."

"You mean you know what these things were?" I asked, blinking that he knew.

"I didn't see anything but I'm pretty sure they were archons spawns. They often attack those like you, untrained and volatile people with the gift."

"What gift are you talking about?"

"What else? Magic of course." He replied dead seriously.


The End

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