Trouble in the woodsMature

Chapter five: Trouble in the woods

The thing began to move in closer to me, there were many of them; twisting and writing annelid horrors that seemed to devour the light from the surrounding, radiating darkness. There wasn't any sound coming from them as they advanced toward me, when ever those things manifested, the air was simply filled with an unsettling static, all other sounds muffled and distorted making the wind into a distant piercing shriek. 

Opposed to them, was the skeleton from my dreams, clinging onto me and sending his own form of radiance, a warmth that kept me from screaming my lungs out, run away or curl up in the fetal position. There was something empowering in it's presence.

One of the larger thing came forward and new limbs sprouted from it's worm like body, thin insectoid legs and spiked limbs similar to a mantis. It didn't have eyes but I knew it could see and feel me just fine. It's mouth opened wide, screaming silently, no sound came from it, but I could feel vibration carry across the wind like a shock wave, washing over me. 

it pounced forward like a cheetah and I stepped out of the way purely by instinct, it's spines dug into the rover bed and it turned it's head toward me, screaming silently again. I didn't think about it and kicked the thing right in the hind leg. I kicked it strongly, enough to send anyone on their knee but it didn't even seem to notice the blow. Instead it dug it's weapons out of the ground and turned to face me.

I turned around to run but another of the things jumped in the path, this one manifesting lashing tentacles at my direction, with tiny spines on each of the appendage. I stopped dead only an inch or so away from the things grasp and contemplated my choices.

Both creatures had arranged themselves to block the exit from the place, the only other options where thick thorn bushes or ten or so meters in freezing waist high water and there was no guarantee that there weren't more of them waiting on the other side for me. 

They started moving forward, trying to pin me and I backed off into the river, my jeans getting soaked. Mantis swiped it's fore legs at me and I fell down on my butt to avoid getting my chest pierced.

The water felt so cold and my clothes were heavy and encumbering. I felt the skeleton clinch even harder to my clothes and as my eyes met the water's reflection, where the creature didn't appear, I felt something in my head unlock and something flow inside of me.

I raised my hand and I blurbed out a word without thinking about it. "RENFIZS" 

There was a second where everything stopped, suspended in time. The mantis was about to slash me open, the other was right behind it. It stayed like that for what felt like an eternity as my heart pumped as hard as it could.

Then things just went nuts, the water around me bubbled to a boil in an instant and exploded, the splash hitting the things and literally shredding them to bits. I slow stood up and took a moment to understand. 

The water was frozen around my feet, shards of slowly melting ice were spread out all in front of me. The bodies or rather entrails of the things vanished, just fading to nothingness in a matter of seconds, leaving me all alone again.

I felt great, like a energy was pouring all into my being from everywhere at once. It didn't last... There was an explosion of pain in my head and a sudden overwhelming vertigo took me over, sending me down into the water, my head hitting a rock on the way down...

The End

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