After schoolMature

Chapter Four

When I arrived home, I ran tom my room to drop my bag and stuff, I could feel the straps digging into my shoulders. "So much notes and things to catch up on..." I mumbled. I was severely behind on both french and math. 

Stand down for a while massaging my shoulders before getting back up and removing my shirt, walking toward the mirror on the wall. I looked at my own image for a while just as my mum entered my room with a basket of laundry.

"Oh sorry..." She said, starting to walk out.

"It's alright, mum." I responded, a bit darkly, still gazing at my reflection.

She walked toward me and put a hand on my shoulder. "What is it honey?"

I put one hand on my chest and the binder in place, taking deep breaths. "It's getting too tight..." I muttered, feeling sore from having my chest compressed so tightly, hardly breathing.

"It's alright, we'll get you a new one."

"It's going to take forever to arrive..." I whispered under my breath. Let myself drop on the nearest chair. "I hate this... having to rely on this thing to be myself..."

My mother didn't listen to more before tightly hugging me. "Listen, it's alright, we, you can get through it. You've done it for over a year and I'm proud of you, even when you do things I don't approve of."

"How long is it going to last, two, three more years? How long until I can live without fearing people will find out and they'll start picking on me all over again?"

She tried to hug me tighter but I broke off her embrace. "I need some air." I drily declared, putting on a sweater and storming out. It was already dark outside, the wind was howling between the suburbs houses, making the trees shake and lose their leaves by the truckload.

There was a small park with small thicket of woods where I liked to go to isolate myself, I ran there, struggling to breathe with the tight binder around my torso. When I arrived, I sat down by the water. I crashed down, trying to catch my breath again. I let one of my hands touch the cold stream, to let the cold radiate through my body and calming my mind down.

I sat there for a moment, letting the fresh air clean my though until something started to move in the undergrowth, surrounding me. There was an audible static that filled the air and my ears, an unsettling chill that formed on my spine and an sense of dread and despair that made it's way into my heart. I could feel the things that were forming around me even from afar, their presence was horrifying and terrible...

They were back and they wanted me...

At the same time, I felt something emerge out of me, clinching onto my clothes and projecting another feeling, this time of confidence and anger... Tiny skeletal hands on my skin, with a skull next to my ear, whispering soundless words.

The End

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