A BreakMature

Chapter Three: Break

When the period was over, I started picking up my stuff when Max and the other girl turned toward me. She looked at me rather timidly before introducing herself. "Hi, I'm Janick... Jane will do."

"As I've said, I'm Joel, Jo is fine too." I responded. "Thanks a lot for the notes."

"It's nothing, There's still some time before the second period, want to go to the cafeteria, we can show you around." He offered, I just shrugged and agreed and followed them downstairs. As I passed near him, the teacher waved at me before focusing back on his papers.

Down the cafeteria, chatter and the smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Making my stomach grumble. The two of them got something to drink and eat before setting down on one of the table. 

"So, did you just move here in town?" Max asked as he nibbled a bite out of the chocolate chips cookie he'd just bought. 

"I was at a different school, I just got kicked out..." I admitted. Mentally scolding myself for not getting extra money for a snack... which he seemed to notice since he broke his in half and handed it a piece to me.

"What happened? If you don't mind me asking." Jane asked.

"I got into fights, broke some guy's nose..." I admitted, resisting the urge to stuff the piece in my mouth whole. "It was self defense." I then added, knowing it made me look rather bad. "They were picking on me... a lot..."

"Oh I see..." She said, looking down, I caught a glint in her eyes and I knew it was something she knew well and so did Max, he tried to hide it but I just knew it. 

"What are people picking on you for?" I asked, making them sigh in unison. 

"Is it really that obvious?"

Shrugged. "I made a lucky guess."

"For not being girly enough, for being a nerd and for looking emo..." Jane answered. 

My eyes then wandered toward Max and he didn't answer although I guess his five foot nothing stature didn't help. "Do you mind if we change the subject?" He asked and I nodded, knowing it must have been particularly bad.

"It's alright." I replied, forcing a smile to maybe inject a bit of liveliness in the conversation. 

"Earlier you were drawing, is that something you do often?" She asked, bringing a new conversation subject.

"I guess, I mostly just draw the things that come to me, in dreams or things that pop up in my head, I don't think I'm really good at it."

"Can we see some?" Max asked, obviously curious.

"Why not?" I said, taking the pad out and showing it to them. They flipped the pages for a minute or so, trying to piece out the things together.

"It's... abstract." He commented. "What's this one supposed to be?" He said, handing me the pad back. On the page, there was a skeleton curled up, with some symbols drawn on it's ribs.

"Oh, it's just a dream or a nightmares I've had since I was little... A little skeleton holding me tightly. whispering in my ear."

"That's kind of creepy." Jane admitted, looking at me with an amused look. "Guess we aren't the only weirdos in school" she then joked.

"I guess not." I admitted with a chuckle. 

The End

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