Science ClassMature

Chapter two: Science Class

As we walked, she talked to me about the logistics of P.E and such. When we reached local 2-93, she oppened the door and the teacher, a tall and slender guy who looked rather young came forward and they both exchanged a few words.

"You must be Joel." He noted rather than asked. "I'm Shane Regardie." He introduced himself. taking me leading me inside, where everybody was staring right at me, some of them whispering, their hushed tones, bringing back bad memories...

"Class, this here is Joel Solomon, I hope you'll treat him well." He then addressed me, in a lower tone. "There's an empty seat in the back, I'll give them the lesson and then I'll be right with you."

I gave him an acknowledging nod and walked past the rows of desks, a few people gave me polite greeting nods, some just kept talking to each others but none of them really paid attention to me. I ended up sitting behind a pale girl with glasses and dark hair and a Swedish looking boy. The latter of which smiled at me when our gazed crossed. 

Mr. Regardie started talking about space and the different types of stars and I took out a sketching pad, setting it down and sketching absently something abstract on it. I zoned out for a moment until a voice from beside me woke me up.

"We have an artist, it seems." The teacher said to me, not loud enough so the entire class would hear and judge. It seemed more like an amused remark. "Alright, your previous school belonged to the same commission as ours so the modules shouldn't be very different, what was the last one you've done?"

"It was about a month ago, geology." I answered, trying to stash the pad away but he put a hand down on it. 

"That was the last module we finished, you aren't too far behind, luckily for you, we have a class of slackers." He humorously pointed out, making a few of the people who were looking in our direction turn their attention back on their work. 

"I'll get you some notes on what we've done so far." He then picked up my pad and looked at what I'd drawn. "Mind if I keep it?" He asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I guess..." I awkwardly answered, as he removed the page from the pad. As he did, I noticed a tattoo under his left wrist, it was a small symbol, about an inch across. "Interesting tattoo."

He looked at me and smiled cryptically. "I'm a big fan of art." He said. "Let me get you these notes now." He walked two steps when the blonde guy in front of me spoke.

"I can share mine." He offered. 

"That would be very nice of you Max."

The guy turned toward me and passed me his note book, which was written down almost artistically. "I'm Maxime." He presented himself, smiling timidly. 

"Joel." I presented myself again, knowing he already knew it. "Thanks for lending this to me."

"You're welcome." he said, almost cheerfully. 

The End

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