In Pink and GrayMature

A story in the same style as Lost in Gray, this is however more centered on the theme of gender identity rather than sexuality. This may or may not end up tying with Lost. Depends on how things go.
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Chapter one: A new school, a new chance.

My mum's car advanced dreadfully slowly in the parking, having to wait for the several yellow buses that dropped the other teens off the school. Joseph Quesnel's high school was rather big, about twice the size of my previous, private, school.

Mum shot me worried look as I gazed out of the window pensively. There was something that bothered her and I knew she wouldn't hesitate to bother me with it. She finally parked the car and turned toward me.

"Alright, Jo, remember what I told you; don't get into fight, if there's a problem, go see a teacher... They've been informed and will help you."

"Yes, Ma'am." I replied mechanically. She knew I hadn't started those fights...

"Listen, I know it's not your fault, but you can't resolve all your problems with violence, Joel." She then added, like I already didn't know. "And if you get kicked out, again, I'll be forced to send you to live with you dad."

"I won't make any trouble mum, I promise..."

With that, she gave me a warm smile and she ran a finger through my wild layers of red hair. She then kissed my cheek, saying. "Have a nice day. I'll pick you up after school."

I got out of the car and started walking toward the administration. A few people looked at me with curiosity, I was clearly a new face around here in the late days of October. I pushed the door and walked inside the building. The school secretary took a moment to notice me.

"Oh, you must be our newest student, Joel Solomon is it? The director wanted to talk to you when you arrived." She mentioned, smiling as she took out a few papers. "Here's your agenda, schedule and student card."

I nodded in thank and did my best to repress a smile. It was relieving to her my name be spoken like that. After a minute or two of waiting, a woman came toward me, offering her hand. "You must be Joel, I'm Alexandra Waite, the director. Why don't you come into my office?"

"Sure." I said, following her and taking a seat in front of her desk. 

He sat down and crossed her legs before leaning a bit on the desk facing me. "Alright, your mother Cameron filled us in on your situation and we're happy to be of help and do everything to accommodate you. However you school record is rather bleak to say the least..." He spoke, her tone rather friendly and comprehensive. "You skipped class often, had below average grades and got into seven fights within the last year..." She enumerated the sum of my problems. making me feel uneasy and uncomfortably in my chair. 

"However when I look back, I see only a model student who got into trouble and then suffered for it." She then slammed the dossier shut with a audible thud. "I'm however willing to put that all behind us if you also do you best to do the same and return to being the model student, while still being yourself. Is it a deal, Joel?"

I nodded. "Yes, Ma'am." I declared.

She smiled, almost mockingly. "Alright, you don't have to be so formal, I prefer to keep a first name basis with all of my students, you may call me Alexandra. If you don't mind, I'll escort you to first class room.

The End

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