They Gave their Lives part one

No one knew anything.

Why would they?

Imagine this:

I was on that plane, the one that crashed in the forboding feild outside of Shanksville, Pennsilvania. I sat near the front of buisness class seating, reading, of all things, a book analyzing the Revelation. I finished a chapter, and closed the book to get a look out the window and strech my arms as much as I could in the confined space of the cabin. A terrifying thought flashed through my mind- how easy would it be to destroy this, 30,000 feet up in the air? I did not answer that.

A rough- looking arab man elbowed my arm back out of the isle, and proceeded to move to the foward end of the cabin, with the kind of long, heartless strides you identify with someone knowing that he was going to get in trouble, or hurt by something, but has to do the job, and so goes as fast as his failing courage will let him towards his fate. A few more simalarly- paced men followed with expressions like that of Beta wolves.

"Those three men could do it, they could bring down the plane,"

 whispered my ever-dark conciousness. I did not answer.

I went back to reading, but I was soon inturupted by a loudspeaker announcment : Your plane has been taken over for the good of Allah- do not resist, or you shall be killed. I recognised the broken English, because I was sure it was how that rude Arab spoke. I glanced around, to see how others were taking the news. A baby, sleeping softly in the nook of a deathly pale mother's arm. An old man, taking the hand of a younger person beside him with resigned acceptance. Children in the back, laughing at the funny pilot's joke. Different expessions, same doom- ohdear. There, seeping out of the cockpit room, was a dark red liquid that could be nothing other than blood. Rebelious eyes lingred on the horror, trying to process something that could not possibly be real, and then pulled away as big orange boots steped in to their view. I quickly pulled back, and pretended to have fainted as the big man came by with a handgun in each thick fist.

* this is not a dig at muslims, it is displaying jihadist terrorism. That is all it is doing, don't hater rate because you think I'm making you guilty by association.

The End

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