I woke as an elbow jabs into my side.  I opened my eyes, and immediately wished that I hadn't.  I found myself lying on a pile of bodies.  The man whose elbow had jabbed me, stuttered an apology and continued to try and crawl out from underneath me.  Over to my left I heard I woman begin to scream as she woke, a heart chilling scream of absolute anguish.  In her arms she held her child, not even an hour old.  Rain pounded down on my head, and lightning crackled through the dark sky.  All around me I heard sickly thumps as more bodies landed on the giant pile, lying as if in a comma, burying beneath them those that would escape.  I quickly tried to rise, yet found it more difficult than I imagined.  I looked down at my legs to see what was the matter, and I found them to be swollen and rotting, the wet cloth of my pants still clinging to them.  Nevertheless, I could hear the moans of those far beneath me, so I pushed with all my strength and was able to half roll, half flop over the comatose bodies and safely to the ground.

After some effort, I finally was able to make it to my feet.  First with short, sloppy jerks, then later with longer, more confident strides I staggered away from the mass of tangled people.  I felt strangely magnetic, drawn by some inexplicable force towards the horizon far to my left, where the sun just peaked over the hills, neither rising nor setting, but simply perched high upon the mountain top.  I began to move that way, for the simple reason that I had nowhere else to go.  As I began to walk I found myself not alone in this endeavor, but one in a crowd of people, stretching from here into eternity, all walking or crawling towards the light.  Some were simply old with peaceful looks in their eyes, some were sick and in pain, yet other were carrying their heads, or trying to stop the bleeding from the gun-wound in their chest; all carrying with them the same expression on their face as they had held in death.

Other streams merged with ours all originating from the scattered piles of bodies where the dead fell from the sky.  It was then that I saw her, as beautiful in death as she had been in life.

The End

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