In One's Dying Breath

All men share one common bond, that death awaits us all. This is not morbid, simply a truth that we must face. Our race is and always has been characterized by the fact that man is mortal, and despite the fact that we fear this, there is also some beauty, some comfort in that knowledge. This is a short story about death, a tribute to mortality. Please feel free to add parts and use your own thoughts and ideas!

In front of me rises a grim cathedral, red and orange spires high above dark shadowy windows, older, it seems, than time itself, and strong, immovable, untouched by neither the movement all around it nor the pounding inside my body, originating in my chest and reverberating inside my skull.  Just below me the sunlight flits and races about the sand, reflected haphazardly off the waves far above my head.  Fish of all shapes and sizes dart about the coral monolith, their bright colorful flashes emphasizing the immense stillness of the living rock.  My lungs no longer scream out in agony is if they have resigned themselves to their fate long before I have.  I feel almost disembodied, as if I can see my nearly weightless self rocking back and forth with each passing wave that rolls across the sky above, hands tied behind my back and ankles lashed securely to the rock they threw overboard to be my sole companion in these last few minutes.  I feel the weight of the ocean upon me, a pressure comforting, like the arms of a caring mother, yet powerful, unstoppable, an embrace from which I cannot break free.  I can feel everything slow, every sense within me dulled and unresponsive.  A deep cold, beginning far off in my fingers and toes creeps forward, engulfing my arms and legs and advancing relentlessly towards my core.  Far above me shines a sun that does not warm, smiling softly yet coolly, either unaware or uncaring that my departure quickly approaches.  All around me I feel the symphony of life, each being singing its own part--then in a flash I see Him, the conductor, and I know as He turns His gaze towards me that I have sung my last tune.  Then falling, falling, falling.  The sun above grows and the light swallows my entire world, the cold sinks in and I feel one last beat in my heart, then black.  I am gone.  I am gone.  It is finished.

The End

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