In My Life I'd Like to See

"I wish it would rain, You keep me hanging on, Old time rock and roll,  Hotel California, American woman, Hurt so good, This bitter Earth, What a difference a day makes,  and so many more.. 

I feel like Bill, I'd love to see it go backwards.. just to hear some of the music. 

The other day, I sat and looked out the window.  It was cold, but oh so very beautiful.  I remembered days like this from my youth.  Calm, quiet, laid back easy days.

In my lifetime I'd love to see the earth returned to it's paradisic condition, what Jehovah orginally created..

I'd love to wrap my arms around the giant head of a Lion and fall asleep nestled against his mane..  Or stand in the shadow of a Polar Bear.  Maybe swim with a Great White, (sans me being dinner).. Wouldn't it be nice..

The End

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