In My Life I Would Like to See

 In my life I would like to see freedom of, not just speech, but thought and feeling.

I would like people to feel that they don't have to judge one another to be accepted - I would like for security to take a stronger hold than insecurity.

I would like children to feel that they are just as valid and right as adults - I would like them to be able to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment where they can't be hurt too badly for those actions and a sturdy parental unit that has given them the love they need to have confidence, and the discipline they need to be justified in that confidence.

I would like to see a smile given for free every day, people do amazing things not for profit but for passion, and a worldwide realisation that as the powerful, thinking, feeling, acting creatures that we are, we each have a responsibility for the well-being and future of this world.

I know that's a lot to ask given the present state of affairs, but ask and you will receive, demand and you will crush trust.

Failing that optomistic hope, I want to live a full life, spend it with the man I love, see my family grow up happy and loved and die peacefully, surrounded by the amazing people I hope to bring into this world at some point.

This is my wish

I hope it will be

That death will die

And freedom we'll see.

The End

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