In My Life I would Like to See

When I was a young girl (and I was once, I swear), my dad was in the military so, I was raised by my aunt.  There were three cousins and myself. 

We did what kids do, got into mischief, tried to play hooky (I got caught by the PRINCIPAL).. We were put on punishment or spanked, depending on your  I raised my children the same way.

Back then, the saying was, "children should be seen and not heard."  If the {grownfolks} had company, we went to our rooms, or outside to play with our friends.  We didn't sass our teachers, church was mandatory (of course I was destined for hell). We didn't dare stand up and back talk our parents or call them names, and as funny as it may sound.. most fathers were known to say.. "I brought you here, I can take you away"  They didn't mean it, but we didn't know that.  I wasn't allowed to wear make-up at 12, 13, 14, 15.. In fact, I was still playing with dolls.. When I stopped and decided I knew what was best for me, I wound up pregnant, I was 17..

If I did something wrong down the street and around the corner, the neighbors got after me and oh Lord!  by the time I made it home, guess what.. yep my parents knew.  And I raised my children the same way.. they didn't like it then, just as I didn't but I tell you what.. they appreciate it now, just as I do.

See, I don't understand a child at 12 saying they have had intimate relations, I don't understand a parent being abused, cursed or afraid of their young child.  My children all 6 of them are adults and, they keep trying to send me to my room but, even to this day, the eldest is 38, the youngest 26, you cannot pay them to talk to me in a disrespectful manner, oh a couple tried.. that won't happen again. 

In my life I would like to see.. PARENTS.. take hold of that child, take their rightful place in this world, demand the respect they deserve. Let their no mean no and practice some tough love..

The End

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