In My Life I Would Like to See

a unicorn.

I know, it's not very altruistic, but you see I've been jilted twice:

Once, my grandparents took me see the circus, which claimed to have a unicorn. But all it was, was a goat with one horn. I supposed you could call it a unicorn, being one horned and all, but it was very dissapointing to my 8 year old self.

The second time, I was fourteen. I stopped at the entrance to the grave yard behind the Quaker meeting house and there was small white shape, perfectly poised. I could have sworn I saw a single horn, but then the illusion broke. The dog had barked and ran away.

So before I die, or when I die, I'd like to see one. Because I believe and as long as I believe in Unicorns I will always have my innocence and be able to see the good in this world going bad.

(When the apple spoils, make cider!)

The End

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