In my life I would like to see

It would be refreshing to see the film and television industry change. What if in the coming years celebrities were asked to pull out something from their own closets to wear to awards shows and hot designers such as Versace or Ralph Lauren were asked to auction off the attire they would have liked the celebrities to wear and give the proceeds to causes that would feed the hungry or provide life saving vaccines or build water supplies. Wouldn’t this make you want to support these overpaid drama queens in seeing their movies or watching their shows?

I find it  almost criminal to watch someone like Jennifer Anniston walk down the red carpet wearing a gown that could easily pay for a small town in a third world country to eat for a year.

And I know that some of them are doing charity work – kudos to Angelina and Brad for adopting all those kids and I like what people like Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore are trying to get noticed for. But how can our society condone the inflated salaries these people are earning when so many people in our world are hungry and/or thirsty or can’t afford to get basic vaccinations that already exist.

Where is the justice in giving so much attention to what people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are doing and so little consideration to millions of innocent indigent  people who happened to be born into their unlucky situations.

The End

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