In My Life I'd Like to See

I virtually dragged myself from under the mattress this morning, knowing that whilst my routine would be identical to yesterday's, there would be something missing; that something would remain missing for as long as I keep my fingernails dug into what is left of this dirty earth.

In and amongst it all I found a series of hopeful opinions, scattered cliches and the rest. 'In my life i'd like to see' someone in the mirror other than me. But, seriously...

I think I fit into the 'In my life I no longer want to see' category: I no longer want to see faith handed to people in return for the individuality. I no longer want to hear voices saying faith can make it better for you; for everyone else. I no longer want to see families in front of the television, where only emptiness can grow. I no longer want to hear a bruised face ask me for money to make up a bus-fare that takes him to the next dealer.

What I want to see is everyone looking into their own head, realising that it is within where we shall begin, exist and end.

And so, in my life I would like to see the human race rembering evolution; the story that unites as all.

The End

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