In My Life I'd Like to See

You see... in my life, I want so many things and, putting it down on paper looks good, great, wonderful.. Then I turn on the news, I hear about a little girl and her father being shot to death in their home.. and I say,  Why?

But, that isn't all, I hear the story of the 17 month old baby who's mother beat him, then stabbed him with a "sharp object"  and I say,,, Why?

Because we are designed in a fashion that we should be above the animals.. That we should have that simple thing.. humanity. 

In my life I'd like to see this:  "He shall wipe every tear from their eyes and, death will be no more." 

I'm sorry, I had to interject, I couldn't hug my Dandelions tonight, but I could hear their voices..

I didn't mind telling Jehovah thank you...

The End

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