In my life I would like to see...

I have read some of the wonderful things people would love to see in their life times..

All encompassing, love, is it not true that when we love each other, or anything for that matter, isn't there a sense of happiness, well being, sitting on top of the world? 

Doesn't it feel as if all is right with the world.. It says God made us in His image, people talk about how He looks, but, read further,, you will see it isn't so much sight as much as what is unseen, His qualities and one of these is LOVE. 

Love covers a multitude of sins, it over looks, binds, forgives, I'd like to see it, I'd like to see it just wash over our world, society, over the minds of all peoples.  Oh my god, what a beautiful world this would be.........

The End

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