In My Life I'd Like to See

This isn't really a story so much as a wish.. we all have wishes, and these are some things I would love to see before I leave this earth.

I wrote a story called, "what my eyes have seen."  Like many of you they have seen many things, some things I didn't want to see.  I think I've been blessed, I have seen happiness, saddness but, I have survived.. Now, I would love to see world peace, It would make my heart glad to see people love each other, watch over the children and make sure they never lose their way.  I'd love to see a society where, money and outer appearance isn't the standard, I'd love to see the love of a man for me..

However, I will settle for, watching my children and their children grow, being able to see flowers and trees, beaches and sunny days, perhaps some great Dandelions.. lol.. I will be happy with just these things, ...

I'd love to teach the world to sing and, it would be so nice, if it were in perfect harmony..

The End

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