In My Arms, Tonight. Chptr 1: His Only Goal.

Theo, loves young desire, races against the clock in hope to finally seek out the one he loves, and has hurt the most dearly. Will he find the one he's searching for, or will his efforts not be enough to find her before time runs out?

He had little strength, but adrenaline kept him running. The wind and rain like icy knives stabbing the surface of his pale sensitive skin. Little worry about the darkness and what may lurk beyond the street lights, on the cobbled street, and little emotion ran through his mind as he continued to follow the trail, leading towards that one he loved.

It was his only goal to support her, to make her understand.

A sudden leap off the pavement and he continued his route down towards the 6 foot high wooden fence. How the boy, so small and fragile, climbed over this fence you could never understand, but his reasons were for her, and the deep love that bonded their hearts together vein by vein. That is what made his weakened body strong.

Down the dirt path he ran.  His Converse hitting down hard on the grass-seeking turf. The strain on his muscles becoming too much for his body to handle. Yet, he never gave in. His heart is the muscle that aches the most; aching for soon to be lost love, reaching forth to save it's missing half - which most hopefully lay alive in the grove of the forest. If not, be his heart dead too.

Entering the vast forest, continuing his search for the lost soul. His paranoia, trying to break the walls and invade his mind making the task seem more difficult, sapping his little remaining energy until the staggering youth had nothing left.

Deeper he ran, between the two sides of opposing tress. Down the path he continued to run, getting closer to the source of his long awaited agony. It began to narrow, as the path readied to be split into a continuing stable surface and a hidden dirt path that broke away from it.

That's where he aimed for.

Breathing heavily, and his throbbing heart attempting to break free from its containment. He burst through an opening, ending up in a beautiful confined space. He could barely speak; all breath escaped him and encountered difficulty returning into his body.

She was there.

A weeping shadow, not dead, very much alive.

The End

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